The Help of a School Violence Expert Witness

School violence takes a variety of forms and can happen to anyone. It can be in the form of physical abuse, emotional torture, or even mental abuse. Common examples include bullying and sexual harassment. Aside from the traumatic experience they bring, these acts can have a negative effect on the social, mental, and physical well-being of the victim.

It is for this reason that school violence should be acted upon immediately.

About a few months ago, an interview with a legal education expert was aired on one of the country’s most popular news channels. In the interview, the expert said that there are tons of school violence cases that schools are not seriously looking into. Some of them may have implemented certain policies, but still, the issues remain unsolved. Many students, teachers, and school administrators suffer from injurious behavior and other types of bullying, which often result to legal confrontations and court trials.

In these trials, a lawyer of either the defendant’s or plaintiff’s side often requests for a violence expert. The expert can be a professional who comes from the following field of expertise: psychology, psychiatry, sociology, and other professions that have a direct involvement in the case.

Many of these experts hold different positions in various fields. Some of them are school superintendents, administrators, specialist in legal education, educators, clinicians, experts in safety and supervision issues. These professionals are summoned to give their expert witness testimony regarding the following: the effect of the violent act on the victim, a detailed report on their findings, and perhaps a suggestion to help prevent future violence.

Before a violence expert takes the stand to testify, there are certain qualities that he must possess and certain requirements that he must satisfy. One of these requirements is his track record. He must demonstrate his expertise in court by producing the necessary documents and credentials. The common qualities of school violence experts include the following:

extensive experience in school-related violence cases such as physical abuse, accidents, bullying, and injuries; and
years of experience as an expert witness (testimonials, deposition, reports and documentations).
When hiring a school violence expert witness to help you in your case, take a look at his track record. Experienced expert witnesses are not intimidated at the site of a judge. They can confidently provide a detailed account of their findings and recommendations. They remain focused and objective even during tough cross-examination sessions.